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Organise a UEFA Euro 2024 Sweepstake

Get involved in the 2024 UEFA Euros by organising your own sweepstake in support of Birmingham Hospice.

Are you ready for UEFA Euro 2024?

Make this year’s tournament even more exciting by using our downloadable sweepstake kit to support Birmingham Hospice while enjoying the football.

How it works:

1. Download and print the sweepstake: Click the link below to download our UEFA Euro 2024 sweepstake kit. You’ll receive the sweepstake via email.

2. Organise your sweepstake: Secure a prize, so that as much of the money raised as possible can be donated – you could ask a local shop to donate something! Then invite your friends, family, or colleagues to pick a team at random and makes a suggested £3 donation.

3. Enjoy the beautiful game! Follow the Euros and see which randomly assigned country wins in the final on Sunday 14 July. Award your prize to the winners, and donate the entry fees to Birmingham Hospice. If everyone donated £3, you’ll have raised a fantastic £72!

By taking part in our UEFA Euro 2024 sweepstake, you’ll not only add to the excitement of the tournament, but you’ll also be making a difference to people living with a terminal diagnosis in our community. Every penny raised goes towards providing care and support to patients and their families.

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