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Superhero Skydive

Be a hospice hero and take to the skies in 2024 to raise vital funds for local people living with a terminal diagnosis, and their families.

Be a hospice hero!  

Choose which superhero you want to be while soaring through the skies on Saturday 14 September alongside other super supporters!

Cost: £50 registration fee, £395 minimum sponsorship.  

Back on the ground, the money you raise will help fund our vital end of life care services and provide support for patients and their families.

Important information about your skydive:

For your tandem skydive, you’ll be in a dual harness so you are securely attached to a qualified instructor at all times. The instructor takes care of the important parts, such as opening the parachute, so you can simply enjoy the experience.

You’ll make your own way to Tilstock Airfield and then upon arrival, you’ll ‘check in’ for your jump. You’ll then have a briefing with your instructor during your allocated time. Your preparation for the jump is usually around 30 minutes.

Who can skydive?

The minimum age is 16, anyone under the age of 18 will need to obtain consent by filling out a parental consent form.

The maximum age is 70. All participants over the age of 60 will need a medical advice form signed by a GP, and they will also need to meet with the instructor prior to the skydive to ensure they are safe to jump.

Please note there are some restrictions for all participants to ensure your safety. The £50 deposit is non-refundable so make sure you fully read the height, weight and BMI limits, and the medical information form before registering. Should you require sign off from a doctor, then please take the medical advice form to your GP to sign.

What does the skydive cost and is there a fundraising target?

Upon registering, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50, which is then taken off the final cost.

The hospice will use £180 from £395 sponsorship that you pledge to raise to cover the cost of the skydive. The remaining £165 (and additional sponsorship you raise) will be used to support the delivery of our care services.

Alternatively, you may wish to pay the remaining £180 yourself which means 100% of your sponsorship money will come to the charity and you can raise as much as you like.

You can pay on the day (in cash) for official skydive photos or a video of your heroic dive. Please select the appropriate option on the form so we can let Tilstock Airfield know, so they can factor this into your dive and ensure a photographer/videographer is available.


You can of course bring your family, friends, colleagues or anyone you wish to support you on the day. Tilstock have a spectator area, clubhouse and canteen/cafe with a picnic area on site.

Please note: The airfield do not allow you to bring your dog, cat or any pets. Active airfields are not suitable for pets.

Dress as your favourite superhero! Whichever supe you are channelling, whether it be a classic hero like Superman or Cat Woman, or one you’ve created or discovered yourself!

Tilstock Airfield have absolutely no problem with people wearing costumes on the day; the only things not allowed for your jump are capes and fake heads (for example, if someone wants to jump as a T-rex). Please note: the team at Tilstock do have the right to ask you to remove any part of your fancy-dress they feel would be a problem or could get in the way of any health and safety factors relating to your Superhero Skydive.

Tilstock Airfield have advised to ideally wear flat shoes/trainers on your feet that won’t fall off in freefall. Do not wear boots or jeans. Goggles will be supplied that fit over glasses and contact lenses.

For your tandem skydive, Tilstock Airfield allocate arrival times throughout the day for people to check in. It is important that you arrive on time. After you complete the essential paperwork, a tandem instructor will spend about 20 minutes giving you relevant training. If you are late, it could have a knock-on effect by extending the scheduled jump time. The instructor has a very tight schedule that includes jumping, briefing and packing their parachute for the next jump. Other factors that could potentially effect the scheduled jump time include a change in weather, coordinating a videographer, the plane and numerous other things.

Tilstock Airfield advise the following: we will not jump in unsafe weather conditions. You can never rely on the weather forecast entirely.

If the weather is too bad to jump, (too windy, low cloud, rain), then unfortunately, they will have to reschedule, but be aware that one moment the weather may look hopeless and the next it might be jumpable. The weather is one thing they cannot control.

For more FAQs around your skydive or Tilstock Airfield, please click here to visit their website. Alternatively, reach out to the Birmingham Hospice Events Team for more information or if you have any questions – we’re here to help on / 0121 465 2009.

If you’d like to take to the skies for Birmingham Hospice, but dressing up as a superhero isn’t for you – then don’t worry! We also have a skydive date available in June. Find out more here.

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Event details
14 September 2024
Tilstock Airfield, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2HA
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