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Birmingham Hospice Crisis Appeal

We need your donations now, more than ever.

We are in a funding crisis

The rising cost of living has affected us too; with the price of energy, medicine and food rapidly mounting.

Our services are offered free to the local community but this year we need to raise more than £6.5 million to continue providing our expert care; this is a £1 million increase on last year.

Ensure the future of hospice care

Fundraising is also becoming harder each year, as everyone struggles to make ends meet.

Providing dignity, choice, comfort and care, we support people from diagnosis, right up to the very end of life.

Watch our campaign video:

Without urgent action, we will be forced to cut our services.

But sadly, no one knows when they, or their loved one, could be given a terminal diagnosis.

3 in 4 of us approaching the end of life may need to access hospice care – we want to be there when that time comes.

If the hospice hadn’t been there for Mum, we would’ve had to accept lesser care. That’s a decision you never want to make when it comes to your own mum.
Ella and Rosie

How you will help families like Sybille's

At age 28 and 26, Ella and Rosie could never have imagined having to organise end of life care for their mum, aged only 62.

Sybille, more often known as Bille or Syb, was beloved by those who were lucky enough to be in her life.

After a hospital stay in 2019, doctors unexpectedly told her she would need end of life care as her lung cancer had rapidly deteriorated.

Sybille was cared for in our Inpatient Unit where her family could visit and feel at ease, knowing their mum was in the best place possible.

Donate today

Whatever you are able to donate WILL make a difference.

Whichever giver you decide to be, whether you’re giving care, comfort, choice or dignity, you will be making every moment matter for local people.

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