Hello! I will be doing the Great Birmingham Run on 20th October 2013, and would very much like for you to sponsor me.

13.1 miles is really far. To put it into perspective, 13.1 miles is further than the distance from my house in Sutton Coldfield to Lichfield. Training for the half-marathon is going to be hard and it’s going to hurt, especially for someone like me who remains, at heart, a lazy person who just wants to lie on the sofa with my cat and eat chocolate. Already I’ve been on training runs in the sweltering heat and torrential downpours, tripped over hidden roots and been attacked by small dogs.

But I’m confident that it’ll all be worth it, not just so that I can go back to my old secondary school and wave my medal around as proof that I am actually capable of doing something physically demanding in front of the disbelieving faces of my old P.E. teachers, but because I’m doing it for a truly worthwhile cause.

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice cares for over 1,000 people in Birmingham every year, providing crucial support to patients living with terminal illnesses and their families, completely free of charge. I’ve been lucky enough to be working for the Hospice as their first ever Community Fundraising Intern since the beginning of June and have seen first-hand the absolutely amazing work they do, both in the Hospice building itself and out in the community. For instance, their Day Hospice allows patients to come in one day a week, socialise, take part in a variety of activities, have any necessary medical treatments, see a counsellor, or even have their hair done. They are a fantastic charity, and seeing as I’ll be finishing my internship around the same time as the Great Birmingham Run, it’d be really wonderful to be able to give them a big pile of sponsorship money when I say goodbye.

So please, even if you can only give a few pounds, I’d really appreciate it. This is my first half-marathon (also probably my last) and I’m doing it for a cause I truly believe in – please help me to make all of the aching muscles and painful blisters worthwhile!