Our occupational therapists help you remain independent for as long as possible, so that you can keep on doing the things that matter most to you.  Whether this is everyday activities, such as getting dressed, or cooking a meal or the things you enjoy such as going to the shops, or seeing your mates down the pub.

By assessing your individual needs we can then advise you of techniques and identify and source you equipment that could help minimise the impact your symptoms might have on your quality of life.

“We often take the little things for granted – like being able to make a cup of tea or going for a walk to the shops. When diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, we realise that it’s often those little things that make a big difference. Supporting people to be able to do those things is so important – it helps maintain a sense of identity, improves wellbeing and can make someone feel more in control of their illness.” Amy, Occupational Therapist

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