I’m Helen Smith, one of the nurses at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, the charity that’s been supporting local people and families for over 40 years. Today, I am reaching out to you because we urgently need your help.

We have made it through ‘the peak’ of this crisis – some of the darkest days any of us have ever faced. Despite all the restrictions and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our nursing team still managed to bring peace, comfort and dignity to so many local people in their final days.

But this pandemic is still far from over, especially here in Birmingham.

Now, we face a continuing challenge as we try to maintain our care, and provide the right support, expertise and compassion for our patients and their families. Because, even in these very challenging times, local people still deserve the very best care we can provide.

But Birmingham St Mary’s is a charity, not part of the NHS. We rely on the generosity of our community to fund our vital care – yet heartbreakingly, much of our fundraising has been halted because of the crisis.

That’s why we have created our Resilience Fund. With your help, this is the fund that will keep us going, that will keep nurses like me caring for mums, dads, brothers and sisters across our community for the rest of this year.

Our emblem in this crisis is the white feather. It’s an emblem of our shared resilience; an emblem of our hope for a brighter future with our families; and an emblem of the memories we have of the loved ones we have lost.

You can show your support, and celebrate the life of someone special to you, by downloading a ‘Remembrance Feather’ by clicking here, writing the name of your loved one and posting it to us to be added onto our memory board, which will take pride of place in our Day Hospice reception.

We’ll also be sending a feather lapel badge out as a “Thank you” to everyone who donates to our Resilience Fund.

Please, give what you can today. You can give online by clicking the donate button below or by calling our team on 0121 752 8779.

Alternatively you can Text FEATHER and the amount you would like to donate to 70460 – for example FEATHER5 to donate £5 this will then add this to the cost of a standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £5 but do not wish to receive any communications, text FEATHERNOINFO 5 to 70460

Thank you, in advance, for your kindness and your friendship.

Helen Smith, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice Nursing Team

If you’d like a beautiful feather pin badge for friends or family, we just ask you to please consider an additional suggested donation of £3 per extra badge to help cover costs and to mention how many you’d like in the comment section of the donation form – thank you.

Help us to continue to provide care and support across our community by donating to our Resilience Fund.