One magnificent adventure, two exotic jewels in the crown of South East Asia....

Your challenge is to cycle 400km from the frenzy of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to the tranquility of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 

Intrigued locals will greet you with delight as you pedal through the bustling coconut groves and thriving river communities at the heart of the Mekong Delta and the stilted villages and mysterious temples of Angkor - ancient Khmer relics of a vanished culture nestled in amongst the sugar palm trees.

Download our PDF brochure to see the full itinerary Vietnam_to_Cambodia_cycle_-_brochure.pdf


Option A – Registration Fee £399 + minimum sponsorship £3100 + £250 airport tax

Option B – Registration Fee £399 + self-funding £1550 + £250 airport tax and then raise as much in sponsorship for the Hospice as you can


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