Fitting the Telephones and Travelling the World

Brian attends our Day Hospice but back in 1976, he helped to fit the first telephone system for the Hospice.Read more

From Raddlebarn to Glasgow and Beyond

From volunteering at our Hospice as a student, Dr Camilla Hawkins pursued a career in occupational therapy...Read more

Running For My Best Friend’s Dad

Daniel's taking on the Birmingham International Marathon in memory of his best friend's dad, Len.Read more

Owen's Love of Motown

Owen came to our Hospice for our 12-week therapeutic programme and spoke to us about his love of music...Read more

Chocolate Gunge and the Secret Terrace

Discover what Charlotte's planning and why it includes lots of gunge and a stunning venue...Read more

Why I'm running my first marathon

Paul Hubbard is taking on his first ever marathon in memory of his good friend, KirkRead more

Taking To The Air For The Hospice

This summer, Aimee's taking a break from working in one of our shops to take to the air!Read more

From Electrical To An Electrifying Challenge

Tim is our PAT tester and this summer, he's taking on our Loop the Loop Challenge!Read more

One of the Most Famous Men You’ve Never Heard Of

Born in 1887 in San Francisco, Lincoln Beachey was a lonely kid who nobody would have suspected of becoming a hero...Read more

Better Than a 5 Star Hotel

Here is Ray to describe his stay on our Inpatient Unit and to share his story with us all...Read more