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When Daphne Grey was diagnosed with terminal cancer, her loving husband Sid and daughter Gemma found it more and more difficult to cope with the huge and strenuous task of caring for her 24 hours a day. Gemma explains: “We’d reached a point where we didn’t feel like a family anymore because we were just caring for mum, her illness changed everything - our relationships and home life.”

The community team helped bring them back together, admitting Daphne into our inpatient unit to bring her symptoms under control and taking the pressure off Sid and Gemma. “If she hadn’t have gone in on that day I don’t think I’d be here now, we had become so desperate” says Sid.

“What the hospice did for our family was amazing. I can’t imagine how we would have coped without their support.” When Daphne went home, we made sure the family got round-the-clock access to the practical, clinical and emotional support they all needed.

We arranged for night sitters to visit, so Sid could sleep at night again, and Daphne stayed with us as an inpatient a few times, giving her family much-needed time to recharge their batteries.

With our help, Daphne had the confidence to communicate her final wishes and her family had the confidence to honour them, and she chose to die at home with her family and friends by her side. Sid says: “It wasn’t until we came under the care of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice that I finally felt like we could start to live again and actually make the most of the time she had left.”

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